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About me

Hi! I’m Mikaela. I’ve been working internationally in integrated marketing and communications, development, and social and digital strategy for about 15 years. I’ve been fortunate to gain vast experience on both the client and agency side, non-profit and commercial, helping me become a well-rounded professional who understands the needs of various organizations and audiences.

I have been consulting in marketing, branding, website development and design for 1.5 decades, while also working full-time day jobs. I most recently served as the head of communications for the Dutch-based International Foundation Manifesta (Manifesta Biennial), a nomadic art and cultural biennial. Prior to this I was the head of marketing at the Getty, the world’s largest philanthropic organisation dedicated to the arts, where I was given the opportunity to put together award-winning, highly effective storytelling campaigns which drove visitorship. I also sport years of agency experience which allowed me to design strategic social and digital marketing campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands.

My non-work interests include: almost anything active (running, yoga, wrestling), laughing, puppy cuddles, and studying for my graduate degree in psychology.

Web Design

For 16 years I’ve been honored to design and code sites for amazing organizations, political candidates, and artists around the world. I create custom sites and CMS, or theme and integrate your WordPress or NationBuilder site. I am a certified NationBuilder Architect with 5 star reviews. 

Marketing & Branding

I develop creative story-led marketing campaigns strategically aligned across digital and social, outdoor, print, broadcast and press to reach the specific target audience with an effective message at just the right time. For the last decade and a half I’ve been fortunate to work this formula for non-profits, arts, politics, corporations and small businesses—winning awards and most importantly, moving the needle where it counts.

Graphic Design & Identity

Loud or sophisticated, minimalist or saturated, I work with clients to communicate their work in their own ‘voice’. Let’s work together on your annual report, logo, printed  material, or something else awesome!

Social Media & Copywriting

From daily content creation to full-blown integrated influencer campaigns, my experience as a social media strategist helped me learn how to successfully navigate the world between organization and audience. Achieving goals through creative and authentic content is my specialty! My secret? Listening. Novel, I know, but it works!


Here are some nice things people have said about me on linkedIn...

"I worked with Mikaela on the Nestlé Waters account, for which we were the Digital AOR, where she consistently brought strategic and creative solutions for our clients' business needs. Working on consumer promotions, social engagement and brand planning with specific KPI goals, Mikaela showed up each day facing complex challenges with grace under pressure. She's great with clients and we utilized her in presentations whenever possible. Lastly, Mikaela is a charm to work with - funny and committed - which are solid personality traits for someone in agency life. Oh, and did I mention, she has some mad tech skills too?"
Chris S.
Account Director
"Working together at the Getty was actually the second time Mikaela and I worked together. We also worked together at Brave New Films. Both times it was an absolute pleasure to work along side her. She is brilliantly strategic, knows how to reach an audience and is very collaborative. And she brings out the best in others. I can say that the work I'm most proud of in my career was accomplished during the times we worked together. Coincidence? Not a chance. And to top it off, she's a joy to work with. So, if you ever get the chance to work with Mikaela, take it. You'll reap the rewards professionally, and likely make a life long friend in the process."
Christopher S.
Senior Creative Producer
"Hiring Mikaela and BOA was one of the best decisions I made in 2010. Tasked with a complete overhaul of my client's web site, Mikaela and BOA came up with cool new ways to create a more dynamic, brighter and user-friendly site. The equal balance of technical knowledge and design experience produced something that went beyond all of our expectations. I would, and will, work with Mikaela again."
Sam B.
Professional Consultant

About Dinos

“About the image of dinos” would be a more accurate, but less catchy title. Portrayed as mostly adorable, yet ferocious enough to keep their edge, dinos have made their way into popular culture like no other 65 million year-old animal (see cockroaches). If that’s not a story of sticky marketing, then I don’t know what is… someone give the dino marketing exec a raise!

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